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2021 Virtual Event
Enjoy Our Virtual Experience!

We are doing things differently this year.

2020 has been full of surprises. It started off great with our 25th anniversary annual meeting and then, BOOM, COVID-19 hit! This has made us re-imagine how we had to communicate our annual meeting with you. You will find all that we have prepared for you here.

Learn the tools used during the meeting

Discover Our Agenda.

View Full Detailed Agenda

The AGENDA is a mix of both pre-recorded and live events for you to watch and participate.
We suggest you watch certain video prior to joining on the discussion! Some taken from our share of great YouTube content is already online.

Sample Activities Planned


Parts & Accessories

Join Jasmine & team to learn more about our Parts & Accessories.

Available, Monday March 8th


Interactive Session

Engineering Discussion

Share Experience and discuss with other dealers engineering questions.


Live Presentation

Jean’s Keynote

Don’t miss the interactive keynote with Jean to hear about 2020 and they plan for 2021!

Join us for our interactive events

Postech 2021 Virtual Event

Make sure you have your Postech Login Secured prior to the event!
About the Event

March 8th to 12th 2021

Fully Online!

(866) 277 4389

Have a question?

Download Microsoft Teams

If you require help to log in please contact Jasmine at (866) 277–4389 or email us at

We will be using Microsoft TEAMS for most of our interactive events. You can find a short tutorial below of how to use Microsoft TEAMS.